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24.09.12 Ms. Maria Ferguson I have very much enjoyed my time at Ban Sabai, everyone has been great and very encouraging - helping me stay on my detox programme, with great success. Thank you everyone - see you again.
10.08.12 Ms. Natasha Wahlert Lovely Staff! Very happy stay and good short detox experience.  I will miss my room! :( 

10.08.12 Ms. Lea Barrie Thank you for a good Detox experience.  Keep up the smiles and cleanliness!  Very friendly Staff!
18.07.12 Mr. Pierre Le Foll Good job!  Thank you!
13.07.12 Ms. Sun Yeo Thank you for a good Detox experience.  Keep up the smiles and cleanliness!  Very friendly Staff!



When I made my decision to go for a detox program I just felt good in my skin and thought let try this one!

Since I contacted Ban Sabai Spa first, swift reply, sending out questionnaire and I was very much curious indeed what will happen to me. When I arrived at the place, I just felt so easy when I walked in. At the orientation of the program I got a much clearer picture what will happen during the programs. Hospital visit for check up and doctor visit gave me a good trust and feeling and a great motivation. I was thinking a lot but Matthias mentioned – do not think to much just relax and let it go.

I was surprised after 3 days no solid food – I did not feel hungry ! Matthias mentioned to me about possible crises – nothing at all. A sleep like a baby.

The colon cleansing is a little bit funny – unusual – first hurts a little bit – but the nurse is taking excellent care with massaging my belly smoothly with aroma oil. I was amazed what came out even after 6 days not eating anything solid! Just juices and herbal teas.

All the treatments, swimming and gym let the time fly – as well some of my over kilos just gone. After 12 days start eating was interesting. Matthias kept saying heat slowly and eat mind full. The tast was just great, the skin so smooth and shiny, my mind so vital – it just felt like new born.

thank you so much to the entire Ban Sabai team for this experience and the feeling I got.

Keep up the excellent work !

Vallery Smith





Thank you to all of you for my special experience in your truly oasis! I just feel so great and my batteries are charged up to take on new challenges. The seven days passed so fast – I will be back in a year time.

Thank you for your friendly and peace full work – I will tell my friends.






Just to let you know I won !

As I told you I did a competition with 3 friends who can lose wait within 2 weeks. I feel just great to lost the wait and feel so fresh. My tow other fiends they just lost the bet, some kilos to and they feel not that great like me and I won!

Thank you very much to let me win and to give me this experience to feel so great. Will be back again ! Maybe even with my friends !






When I found your programs on the internet – I got impressed – however as well from the price. Checked out some other pages – but I thought Ban Sabai is the place to go.
I had high expectations – when I arrived I just fell in love with the place, the treatments, the staff, it is a paradise. OK the colon cleansing was professionally done but just not my cup of tea. But I feel now just great and my skin is so smooth.

Back in the UK – friends asked me what have you done? You look so great and young to.

Thank you band Sabai Spa Team for your work and all the compliments I earn from my friends – I bet some of them you will see soon.

Keep on going with making people happy like me.

Thank you again






A year ago I visited Ban Sabai Spa first time for just some spa treatment and stayed over night. This time I booked a 7 day Detox program. It is just amazing how I feel still now 2 month later. Yes how and what you eat is really reflecting so much – thank you for your teaching ! and on top of it I do not need any reading glasses any more and my concentration is just much better. I will be back in 2-3 years time.

Thank you






March 30th, 2005

Dear Chitra,

Bharat and I would like to thank you and your staff for making our stay at Ban Sabai such a special one. We felt like part of your family and the feeling of belonging whilst we were there.
Ban Sabai is truly a very special place and it has to down to your hard efforts.
We only just arrived home, 3 hours ago!, but felt that I had to write to thank you first!
We hope to see you again soon

Warmest Regards, Mina & Bharat Patel




May 16th, 2005
Dear Matthias and Aew,

We are back in Switzerland after our wonderful holiday in Thailand. Most amazing for us was our stay at your spa in Chiang Mai and we want to thank you both for the special accommodation you offered us. Our stay there was something we will never forget. The beautiful and enchanted atmosphere that you have created within the walls of Ban Sabai, along with the friendly and helpful staff and relaxing massages, was a healing interlude in our stressful lives. Thank you so much for making it possible.

We'd love to take you both out when you come to Switzerland if it fits in with your time plan.

Again our deepest thanks and appreciation for a wonderful time.

Warm regards, Ellen and Sal Celi




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