Detoxification (detox) Introduction

This is a holistic wellness program - with individual care and giving you suggestions of taking better care of our own body.

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What is "detox" all about?

People are over loaded with toxins on a daily base, from many different angles, food, medications, clothing, air, noise, magnetic and many more.

How your body can cope with all this stress and pressure?

Help you system to clean out, this is with a break to your usual life style and get more mind full what you do and what you eat and what you do with your self.

Watch more what your body is telling you – listen to it!

We can help you to understand more hot to have another approach on life style so that you can enjoy your life more energetic and joyful – that is wellbeing.

At Ban Sabai Big Buddha Retreat and Spa we offer 3 day, 7day and 12 day packages including all listed services and activities such as accommodation, orientation, medical check up, doctor supervision, nurse handling the colon irrigation, experienced fitness trainer gives you suggestions, personal and individual coaching through the entire program.

There are several very simple suggestions to make you feel a big difference and they are very easy to do:


eat as a king


eat as a rich man


eat as a poor man


The reason to this saying is the metabolism is working best in between 8am – 7 pm, your body needs the “Fuel” during the day not in the night, late eating is a main reason for gaining weight.



Get up and eat some fruits. After 30 – 60 min coffee, tea, bread, cereals, etc.


if red meat, for lunch


if cheese, for lunch


Vegetable soup
Steamed vegetables
Fish, Chicken


- Drink before and after the meal


- DO NOT “wash food down”


Use it in moderation


A glass of wine is good for health but drink it in moderation